History of the breed

Miniature Schnauzer - Breed History

In the beginning God created man, but seeing him so weak, and gave him a dog "- Alfonso Toussenel

Dogs, weary walk in the rays of the November sun,
perhaps this last fall, lie dormant in a coiled tight balls;
, slight vibrations of small feet,
can dream about what is incomprehensible for us, too difficult, who knows?
 Tightly wrapped in a soft blanket,
 listening to the merry crackling cones coming from tile kiln
, with a cup of hot coffee at hand,
 I slowly turn pages of the  album, in which is recorded the history
of  all breeds - those that have gone forever, and those
... which shine in today's triumph, in a bit crazy world ...
In the pantheon of stars, as in a casket of immortal lady
also my jewel shines - like a jewel in the crown-miniature schnauzer.
A small figure like a bronze statue sculpted
with a precision worthy of the best master catches the eye
impressive beard, a wonderful, rich garment;
which is not only Mother Nature so generously endowed simple
... muscular legs ...  And it is something intangible, it would seem: dog enigma of the soul,
 lurking at the bottom of a transparent,
dark eyes from the thick fringe,
black basalt like  nose.
In liquid, light as a feather feather course, where there are no boundaries,
 is the only unencumbered freedom,
lies a huge dose of elegance, grace and charm.
Poetry of movement ...

"Group Schnauzer" 1913
based on the book Jaroslav Hofman and Marcel Havlinovej:
"Puvod a nektere udaje o ceskych pocatcich chovu plemene knirac" Praha 1999)


Germany, year 1897, Dog Show in Erfurt
 "-" But Mr. Berta, you forgive me!
This is probably a misunderstanding.  You see, with the permission of the Lord honorable,
Yet the dog is more worthy to stand on the podium! "
" - Dear Mr. Brehm, a protege of yours presents
all the features of simian Pinscher.
Is to create a "frail body" (quoted) If you so kindly:
... This round head, bulging eyes ...

" No, no, Mr. Brehm, I will not not change my verdict "

Figure.  Miniature Pinscher and Affenpinscher Rough

 In 1931, R J. Bert writes: "The idea that the set of characteristics, which is determined ... to create a simian  miniature Pincher.
Schnauzers form has started to matter  to me me when  1897 at an exhibition in Erfurt I was sopouse to judge Affenpinschers."

On the show mentioned above Berta has found his perfection: a healthy miniatures  with straight legs and a thick, rigid coat. He did not rest on his laurels. On his initiative, in the memorable 1899 year he introduced two distinct classes of Exhibition:Miniature Rugh Haired  Pinscher and Affenpinscher. This publication is a cornerstone in the history of miniature schnauzer.The official name of fixing the final race took place in 1917, R VI, volume entry in the herd.

Pinscher and Schnauzer Club.

  Josef Berta and his wife

Prosit, Herr Berta ! Prosit, Herr Bert!
United States of America, in 1924, breeding kennel Marienhof
"- Susan, be as good, and finally open the door. Someone is knocking unsuccessfully for five minutes,
"- I'm coming, Mrs. Slattery I am most sorry. I was Helping John clean up the pens and paddocks ...
My God, Mrs Slattery ! My God, Mrs. Slattery!  German shipment, the German dogs!" Mrs. Slattery, it is German Miniature Schnauzers !"

. This summer to Mary Slattery kennel are arriving Miniature Schnauzers hit four straight from the Old Continent.
They are: the bitch :Amsel vd  Cyriaksburg (photo left) with her two daughters and a dog Mack  vd Goldbachhohe.In the U.S., female and male brought back a year later, Cuno v. Burgstadt (photo right) are consideredundeniable pioneers, not to say, "godparents" this wonderful, original race, which has dominated the hearts of Americans.

Cuno v. Burgstadt

Amsel vd Cyriaksburg 

 With his striving for perfection, American breeders improve their possession dogs
 and their effects carefully, complete the selection of breeding piety can enjoy the shows all over the world.
Is there a boundary between the German ideal of the virtues of the American imagination schnauzer and his excellence?the answer to that question I leave to all lovers of the breed, present and future owners ...

Miniature Pinscher forms were described by authors already in the nineteenth century. Thomas Hering in published in 1880 book, "Gallerie elder Hunde Racen describes rough haired Pinscher increase from 10 to 12 inches (about 26-30 cm), with a muscular body build, large head and large, full eyes, clearly visible protruding from the hair. Such  Pinscher were as described in Hering,  ladies buduary dogs. Psy tego typu, o bardziej surowej urodzie, były psami stajennymi i podwórzowymi. Dogs of less this type, tand beauty, were  paddock and stable dogs. According to Hering, the Pinschers occurred in mouse,color ,and  blue  color with yellow markings on the feet.

Originally miniature schnauzer and affenpinccher were not distinguished from each other.They were treated them as one race and collectively shown at exhibitions and shows.Only the first President of the Schnauzer and Pinscher Club in Germany, Josef Berta, separated the two races of Rough Haired Pinscher  and at the end of the nineteenth century used the name "Zwergschnauzer (miniature schnauzer) for the type of schnauzer dogs in average or  small size. he emergence of the name had an effect  a  black and yellow dog Jocco Fulda Liliput, born in 1898, but with no significance in breeding.

In 1899 the directory shows dogs in Frankfurt for the first time used the official name: "Miniature Schnauzer". . In the second volume of Pinscher herd appears in 1910 the name "Zwergschnauzer.The aim then was to breeda small size dog(initially approximately 28 cm, then 30-35 cm at the withers), with all the physical and mental spositives of standard  Schnauzer without adverse features of dwarfism.William Tschudy of Basel: write about it  in a letter to  J.Berta"Miniature Schnauzer as a breed have a chance only when they will be  a copy of large rough haired Pinscher". On the beginning attention was not initialy drew to the coat color.księgach hodowlanych wpisywane psy miały barwę czarną (z brązowym albo żółtym podpalaniem lub bez podpalania), czerwono-żółtą, żółtą i szarą. In the first herd books  were entered  dogs in the  black (with brown or yellow tan or
without tan), red-yellow, yellow and graycolor .
Color "pepper and salt" appears a little later.

Miniature schnauzer breed is  attributed to H. Weiss (1898).Significant impact on miniture Schnauzer breeding had Prinz v. Rheinstein, born in 1903.. According to J. Berta, it was a standard like miniature schnauzer of the black and yellow coat, excellent construction, heavy-boned and rough coat. He  is called the ancestor of the family of miniature Schnauzer.Very well known Prinz daughter was black with gray markings Perle von Chemnitz-Plauen.From Prinz with Perle comes an outstanding sire black-brown Gift v. Chemnitz-Plauen, born in 1906.  Gift was an excellent representative of the breed, strong positive qualities to the transmitting their offspring. He Contributed to the development of breeding miniature Schnauzer black in black color.Born in 1912 in Frankfurt dog Rudi v. Lohr, the color of pepper and salt, had a major impact on the development of miniature with this coat.

In 1907, he was issued a miniature Schnauzer booklet, written by Joseph and Bertha bear by  drawings of Richard Strebel.  Prominent breeders of those time were :Ernst Starke - breeding kennel Chemnitz-Plauen in Saxony, and two kennels from the area of East Prussia, Dr. Frommer of Königsberg (Batischort breeding) and the Countess Kanitz (kennel Abbagamba). At the last moment in 1929, spotted puppies were born (white with black patches).In 1931, in the kennel Abbagamba were already three generations of parti-colored miniatures. This color does not appear in any other contemporary kennel. From the twenties Standard Schnauzer miniature focuses on dogs in black ,or pepper and salt coat , which led to the elimination of other colors.

Dogs with yellow, bright and brown markings are no longer recognized by the Race Club.In the thirties, a lot of  miniature Schnauzers were exported to the USA and Canada.Dogs of this breed enjoy great popularity there, so that now is a hundred times more pepper & salt colore is born in the United States each year than in Germany! . In the United States and Canada appeared Miniature Schnauzer in black with clear markings.In 1938, the American Kennel Club recognized this type of coat, which was named as "black and silver.  Dogs in this color were able to obtain the title of Champion of the United States, and  fought in the ring with schnauzers in black or black pepper and salt color. Until now, the U.S. and Canada, all three types of color are mated together .

In the sixties Schnauzer miniature Schnauzer in black-silver rcoloreturned to Europe and found their way to Germany via Israel and Switzerland. A lot of work and involvement in recognition of the variety put enthusiasts from Switzerland: Mrs. Frieda Steiger (breeding Schnauzi `s), and Dr. Hans Röber (breeding Barbanera). Frieda Steiger were buyin dogs in unusual in Europe, black and silver coat. In 1967, she imported from Canada sire Sylva Sprite Pyewacket.However, star and pillar of the  kennel was further import, bought in Canada in 1972 Tributex Tuxendo Junction called "Joy". He became the father of nearly all European black-and-silver color miniature Schnauzers. Through perseverance and immense work Frieda Steiger, in 1976 the German Pinscher and Schnauzer Club held a black-silver miniatures as a separate race, in 1977, at a meeting of the International Kennel Federation (FCI) in Denmark, it officially entered in the register of breeds and decided that they may receive the title of International Champion of Beauty. Miniature Schnauzers with black and silver coat quickly conquered the hearts of breeders in Europe. The oldest, still operating kennel of this breed is founded in Germany in 1976,  Hausberg von Peter Marx breedery. Another are : Steinhäger vd Heide v. Herrenholz v. Hinterhof v. Buck v. Haus Sundern.

 At the moment,   miniature Schnauzer in black-and-silver color are most strongly represented among all the race of four varieties of color.White color Miniature Schnauzers were bred ointment in Germany since 1949 by Irmgard Sauer the nickname "v. Grünewald. Since 1968 his kennel has been recognized by Pinscher and Schnauzer Club of Germany for an experimental breedery.In 1979 the club's board agreed to the creation of new kennels on the issue of race and white miniature Schnauzer ointment for internal exhibitions in Germany.  At this time in Germany, there are few kennels breeding white color schnauzers. Distinctive is keeping Max Barth v. Rheader Tor.  1983, the Miniature Schnauzer with white coat has been officially recognized by the FCI as a separate race.

 Miniature Schnauzers have become very popular in Germany and other countries.Certainly contributed to the perfect character, beauty, resistance to diseases, a small size (so they can be kept even in small apartments). Under the slogan: "a small body of great spirit," miniature schnauzer  is very courageous in defense of his master or house,and  is ready to attack even much more powerful enemy.Miniature  Schnauzers are very vigilant, but not excessively noisy.They lern very quickly . The best proof of their wisdom is  to achievement  from  1995 - by  Ch. TYFON z Wilczej Skarpy from mrs. Ewa Felsztyńska from Szczecin -he won Individual Polish Championship for Accompanying Dogs.The same title in 1996, received a black and silver female Kaja Bandziorek from mr. Leszek Babraja from Gdansk.

Miniature Schnauzers have an excellent sense of smell.Thanks to that and their small size they are oftenly used at the borders of many countries in search of drugs and other hazardous materials. Currently, the most popular miniature Schnauzer has a variety of color black and silver, followed by  pepper and salt.

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For polish press here
Dogs soul
It is just a dog You say...
Only the dog...
But will tell you
That a dog is sometimes more
than a man.
He has no soul You say...
Look again
Dog's soul is greater that he is
And when you smile to it
It is swinging on the dogs tail
And when is time to say good buy
And the dog goes to dog's heaven
It is near that dog goes
After all when you are dogs heaven
With you stays it's soul....



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