The story of Cerber kennel

Kennel Cerber Poland FCI
was registered in 1976
(no. C742)

Cerber breeding history is very long - longer than my life.

  I tried writing it as accurately as possible to present to you its history, but it can not be summarized in a few shets of paper over thirty years of our lives and our dogs.Truely spiking our dogs were and are our life ..

It is impossible to describe the joy of having the first puppys, the first gold medals gained at the exhibitions, the first championships ..

  It is impossible to write about tears related to the departure of our four-legged friends, because most of us after reading this often sad  stories would feel a heartbreak....

Actually, my life has always been associated with dogs.I used to say that I was born in the "dog kennel" because since childhood I was surrounded by dogs, and as a child, often with Dog in his "shack" soothed my  sorrows of my childchood.

Ending  this prologue I would like to thank my parents, Alfreda and Józef  Michalski for their time and assistance and for sharing their memories, without which I would not be able describe the history of kennel Cerber 

Martyna Michalska-Sposób 
July 2009
They call me Lemon Munich


 Cerber breeding history begins in 1975, when it gets to our house MAJA Pirania( Maya Piranha) -Giant Schnauzer female.On the begining my parents were not planning have a breedery, Maja would be only the defender and friend of the family, only after some time they decided to start breeding.
My mother remembers Maya as a dog with the problems.She was bought it at the age of 7 months, she was very stressed and fearful, one of her ears was not up (known then was required to copy the ears and tail), but surrounded by love and care she came to forms of psychological.She failed to meet the expectations of my parents as a show dog and a dog exhibition was only breeding female, but  in return she gave a beautiful puppys Athena and Gizi Cerber (ATENA and BIZI Cerber)

A second dog in our kennel was Censor with Coat of Arms Babóg (CENZOR z Herbu Babóg) born 1 June 1979, which was a keeper of Waldemar P. Tuczyński from Bydgoszcz.

The censor was a very happy dog and the story of his accidental purchase is very funny.
Mr. Tuczyński brought him with him to Wroclaw Dog Show that took place on Low Meadows.Two puppys sat together with the owner close to the of the ring of schnauzers.It was almost the end of the exhibition so P. Tuczyński dropped the leash so the puppys could play on the grass.

Close to them he owner of a blue DOG NIEMICKI  share your puilem roll and just at the time when the owner of the Dog was about to give the roll to his pet,and the dog opened his jaw - the censor kidnapped and quickly eat the roll , leaving in a stupor  Dog and his owner.Censor was extremely pleased with his achievements and after amoment he returned to its owner and had a smile "from ear to ear."

His act  delighted my parents so much that they decided to buy Censor ,although they did not have absolutely no money with them.They only gave to Mr.Tuczyński  their personal data and send the money on later date.

At the end of the day everyone was happy-Mr. Michalski beacouse they had a dog and Mr.Tuczyński, beacouse he returned home with only one puppy.

The censor has blossomed into a strong dog with a beautiful body, his only drawback was the lower limit of growth, by which he was long unappreciated in the ring and was champion until 1982.

Censor left a wonderful offspring and many warm memories.

Cenzor Herbu Babóg i Reja Pigmej
together with Mrs. Alfreda Michalska

We were breeding Giant Schnauzers untill 2003, in which the absence of Mr michalski  physical stra ceased him to stop.The last Giant Schnauze female was Blue Rainbow   Masterton, who came to us as aadult female and very quikly  did the Polish Championship (4 exhibitions!)


Miniature schnauzer - a great spirit in a small body !

The first miniature schnauzer who came to us in June 1983 was a REJA Pigmej (vel Alison), she  was in black and silver colour.

Reja was a surprise gift from my dad for my  mam.Mr.Michalski went to pick her by train from Wrocław to Biały Stok wchich is 4500 miles! it took him all night to get therenight!. During the they he led the transaction and the next night he returned home.

 Reja quickly became a champion, but did not proved as mother and in her life she had only two litters , in first litter she has born a one puppy,and from second two puppies,and one of them stayed at home.

REJA Pigmej was the first dog registered in the name of my mother Mrs. Michalska, which has created a separate kennel name "od  Alfredy", some time later it was liquidated and Miniature Schnauzers were connected to the "Cerber"kennel name.

Reja Pigmej - first from the right

  The next female 
after Reja, who was  residing in our house was TETA Small Something(TETA Małe Conieco) (vel syntia).Teta gave a birth to few beautiful daughters, two of them left at home :have been ESTER od Alfredy and GRACJA od Alfredy.

In 1991 she gave birth to GASPAR od Alfredy. Gaspar was a beautiful dog and in Opole 1993 he ended his Polish Championship

Gaspar died very tragically and his death was very painful for us ..

He left behind excelle blood lines.One of his daughters HAIDI Cerber, had born ERA Cerber, which in combination with a dog LORD od Siwego Kota  in 1998 she gave a birth to CHARLIE Cerber.
Charli in September 1999 became a Junior Polish Champion and in August 2000, finished Polish Championship.

Charlie Cerber

At present one of his daughters -  GERMANIKA Cerber is Junior Polish Champion and lives in Spirited Away kennel , and his grandson, Omar Cerber, stayed at home and   is also Champion of Poland.

Germanika Cerber (2001)

. In 1985, our kennel  joined GILLI  Muehler v. Hoevel (aka mented).

She was imported from germany,and had very unique for that time white coat.

Gilli gave only two litters.One of her sons BASTER od Alfredy quickly became Polish Champion.

Gilli died tragically,she was the first and the last white miniature schnauzer we've had.

  Baster od Alfredy Baster from Alfredy

In 1992, on my seventh birthday I got from my dad a pepper and salt bitch-JANA Błękitna Tęcza from Czestawa Dobrowolska kennel.Jana was the first pepper and salt Miniature Schnauzer in our home.

Jana was a beautyfull bitch, but because of weak character she never became a champion.

Era Cerber i Jana Błękitna Tęcza

One of her doughters GABI Cerber remained in our kennel.

In June 2000, we brought from the Czech Republic a boy- AL CAPONE Rezlark from breeding kennel of Mrs. Larisa Rezkova.AL CAPONE brought to our kennel American  bloodline of Blythewood kennel and dutch bloodline v.d Spikke kennel. On first of June 2003, Al Capone  ended Polish Championship.One of his sons TIMUR Cerber stayed at home and quickely finiched junior and normal championships

In 2002, accounting for the opacity our dog we got a bitch named Camelia Mengo Celebration . Camelia in December 2004 Graduated from Polish Championships.

To improve our quality of our schnauzers we were mating our females with the dogs from the best breeding kennels,ie:

Pigmej , Scedir , Helloween , Stena Stam's , Canis Barbatus , Bella Fraga i Sasquehanna, Scedir, Helloween, Stena Stam's, Canis Barbatus, Bella Fraga and Sasquehanna.

Mastino Napoletano - Roman legions fighting dog ..

For the first time Mr.Michalski met with race of Mastino Napoletano in 1989.  Fascinated by the remarkable appearance of the breed he follen in love with it, and in 1990 he bought from Mr. Zbigniew Grabowski-which at that time was the only breeder of this breed of dogs in Poland - a bitch ALE GRACJA Molosos

Business card from 1995.

In the photograph the Mona Lisa and Laura Cerberus Cerber.

Ale Gracja nie reprezentowała sobą ideału wzorca rasy,była drobna,o niezbyt dużej głowie i małej ilości fafli – miała natomiast znakomity charakter,co u psów tej rasy ma wielkie znaczenie.Ale Gracja miała jeszcze jedną wielką zaletę – dawała piękne szczenięta. Gracja  did not represent very well an ideal breed standard, she was small, with rather small head and amount of the lips - but had an excellent character, which  is a great impotance in dogs of this breed.Ale Gracja had one more big advantage - she gave most beautiful puppies.

She was first mated with Andy Baghira and from puppies born from that combination ZUZA Cerber stayed at home.
In 1994 after mating with EDO Della Grotta Azzurra she gave a birth to 6 puppies  from whom,one boy went to Russia and quickely became a Russian Champion

In December 1992, Zuza Cerber   mated with VINCENT Di Collosseo Avallu. She had born 6 puppies-two of them:ELZA Cerber  and  EROS Cerber  remained in the kennel.

Presenting perfect in every detail the type of breed Elza completed Polish Championships  in May 1995 and Eros in October 1995

Eros Cerber Eros Cerberus

Elza in September 1994 in combination with  dog RAMBO Zagóra give a birth to  three puppies, two of them MONA LISA and MENELAO Cerber remained in kennel.

 Menelao as a young dog was lented to Russia where he left a lot of great offsprings.After his return from Russia in May 1997 he completed Polish championship.

Mona Lisa's story is very sad - my father says that she was the most bautyfull mastino he ever had... Mona Lisa has already had two certificates of Polish National Champion and she lacked one of the exhibition. W przeddzień wystawy spadła ze schodów i złamała przdnią nogę.Złamanie okazało się bardzo skąplikowane i pomimo zaangarzowania chirurgów weterynarii,Mona Lisa nigdy juz nie chodziła normalnie. On the evening before the exhibition she  fell down the stairs and broke front leg. The breckage proved to be very complicated and despite  veterinary surgeons effords Mona Lisa never walked normally.

Mona Lisa Cerber

In 1995 Elza in combination with Antonio Di Ponzano born nine puppies, two bitches DINA Cerber and DUSIA Cerber were left at home. Dina in September 1997, complited Polish Championchip.

Last Mastino in our kennel, was CAPRICIOSA  which we have taken in exchange for mating. She was sold in 2006.Unfortunately we do not remember CAPRICIOSA breeding kennel name and her all documentation has been released along with her sale.

Shar Pei - means rough like a sand ..

Our first Shar-pei  was female BETTI Sik Kot (she was born April 20, 1993 ) she was imported from the Czech Republic. Betti was a bitch of a strong character and a great appetite ..  she represented the old type of Shar-Pei 'and had just as much wrinkles as breed standard describes and yhe beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Betti Sik Kot

In the same year we bought another bitch  the Corolla with Bplesinkeho Skates ,she had much more wrinkles than Bettina and she was sweet, but as it turned out later, she was sick-had polyps in her throut.She oftenly slept in the sitting position with the head based on the first step of the stairs.At that time , Mr. Michalski, was also suffering from respiratory system problems and any medications did not help him .One day  our house had visited a lady, who was dismissed this energoterapist,she lady made some kind of  witchcraft and left   droplets for Mr.Michalski , which she also recommended the bitch. belive it or not -the specific cured  Mr. Michalski and Carolla

Corolla was mother of our Champions PAMELA and MANIUŚ Cerber.


Maniuś Cerber

Due to the difficulty in breeding of Shar - Pei, the last dog left our house in 2002.

Epilog Epilogue  

. At the moment our kennel only  focuses on Miniature Schnauzers. During over 30 years of breeding, our dogs have won many gold and silver medals,and they achived many championships.
We are and will do our best to keep our breeding success on the top .

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Dogs soul
It is just a dog You say...
Only the dog...
But will tell you
That a dog is sometimes more
than a man.
He has no soul You say...
Look again
Dog's soul is greater that he is
And when you smile to it
It is swinging on the dogs tail
And when is time to say good buy
And the dog goes to dog's heaven
It is near that dog goes
After all when you are dogs heaven
With you stays it's soul....

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